Asian Style Quinoa Mix- Side Dish








Asian Style Quinoa Mix – Side Dish


1C. Red or Brown or Tri Color Quinoa

1 ¾ C. Water

¼ C. Braggs soy flavored branch chain amino acids

½ C. Peas

½ C. Shredded Carrots

½ C. Raw Slivered Almonds


1. In a medium-sixe pot, mix water, Braggs, and quinoa.

2. Bring to boil on stove top.

3. Once to a boil, put lid on pot and turn stovetop down to low/simmer.

4. Cook for 15-25 minutes or until done. You know when it is down when all water down to bottom of pot is gone. And just the quinoa remains. Check it at 15-20minutes to make sure, so it doesn’t over cook or burn.

5. Toss with pre-steamed peas, shredded, carrots, and slivered almonds. You can even add some water chestnuts and scrambled egg to make it a substitute for fried rice!


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