Is There Such Thing As Working Out Too Much?



Yes, there is such a thing! A client recently told me they were starting to workout 3 times a day to get more results quicker. They thought they were losing body fat since their weight on the scale was going down, but that’s not the case. I have taken their measurements weekly…their body fat has been unchanged and increasing and they have lost lean muscle mass. Yikes! This is NOT A GOOD thing!


They have been following a muscle magazine pro diet and exercise program.

 Professionals get paid to look the way they look and not mess up…..they are 100% all of the time, work hard all of the time, and have nutrition and workout programs tailored to what they have to achieve! This is not always realistic for the normal day to day person that wants to get into shape!


If your workout program and diet has not been programmed for you specifically by a certified trainer/nutritionist based on your body, your goal, and your daily activity level, instead of getting better results your results may start to be erratic or suffer and begin to dwindle. Along the way, the 3-a-day workouts can or will make your body more fatigued from over training and with lack of proper nutrition can also lead to increased injury and slower recovery rates.


Simply put ….if your diet is designed correctly and you stay within it weekly in combination with a well rounded and balanced customized workout program, you can often times workout less, be more efficient and get continued positive results!


This is what we specialize in here at Edge Fitness! Stop wasting time on your own or trying every magazine diet/workout program in the books! Get a program designed my real-life certified professional that is customized for you today! Message us with your information and we will contact you the same day to get you setup and started!

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