Mixing It Up At Meal Time


Mixing It Up At Meal Time

We know that when all of us get into routine and get settled into our comfort zone that we tend to get bored with our food and therefore lose site of our goals and motivation. Here are a few tips and tricks to branch out of your comfort zone and rediscover a will to eat well with some of these tasty food switch ups.

Instead of:                  Try:

Beef                            Bison

Peanut Butter       Almond Butter

Brown Rice            Black Rice

Cow’s Milk             Goat’s Milk

Potatoes                 Rutabagas

Apples                     Kiwis

Salmon                   Arctic Char

Spaghetti               Spaghetti Squash

Keep in mind, that for most people it’s best to branch out gradually starting with one new item at a time. Over time, a whole host of new favorites will be discovered. Supermarkets and farmers’ markets are increasingly providing a wider range of choice to help people eat more adventurously.

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