Weekend Motivation


As the weekend approaches a lot of us lose site of our commitments to be successful. One cookie becomes one cheat meal. One cheat meal becomes an entire cheat day. One cheat day turns into a cheat weekend. By Monday, we’re feeling negative and unmotivated for the rest of the week. Here are a few tips to staying committed and avoiding the weekend blues.

1. Write down your commitment. Put it up somewhere that you can always refer back to it when you feel like you’re losing focus.

2. Learn from your mistakes. Failure is apart of success. Rather than being critical of yourself, reframe any past attempts as a learning experience that brings you one step closer to your new goal.

3. STAY POSITIVE!! Focus on what your gaining rather than what you’re giving up. Make a list of all the positive things you’re gaining from this experience and reflect back on them when you have negative thoughts.

4. Be prepared for success. Everyday set small achievable goals. Staying committed to even one small goal everyday will ultimately lead to larger success in the days to follow. Success is contagious. The better you do today, they better you will feel tomorrow and so on.

5. Seek out support. Sometimes family and friends will be the first to sabotage and keep your from your goals. Find someone who is sensitive of your health goals and supports the decisions you’ve made to increase your chances of long-term success.

6. Lastly, it is a big weekend and a lot of you have plans to watch the Seahawks game. Social gatherings come with common temptations, alcohol, greasy food, snacks, desserts, and so on. Mentally prepare yourself to deny the temptations. Bring your own food, drinks, and healthy snacks.

By Monday, you’ll be proud of yourself and have set yourself up for a healthy and successful week.

Positive Thoughts,

Your Trainer and Coach – Amanda Price-Salazar


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