What is our NEW L.E.A.N. Semi-Private Training Program?

          The L.E.A.N. program is our semi-private fitness training program coached solely by the owner of Edge Fitness, Health and Fitness Industry Pro, Amanda Price-Salazar. This program is focuses on providing you with science based, results-driven training sessions along with accountability, support, and healthy lifestyle coaching. We know that each person’s health and fitness journey is different! Our training approach emphasizes a holistic total-body approach. We strive to help our clients achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is sustainable.

Usually, the generic cookie-cutter personal training program approach of larger gyms just doesn’t work for everybody. Recent studies also show that those who choose to invest in their health and do it amongst a like-minded and supportive fitness community are more motivated to stick with it and reach their goals faster.

Semi-private training programs are also much more cost-effective in that by training alongside a few others with similar fitness goals and abilities, you can get almost all the benefits of having you own private personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

          In this program, we will make the necessary adaptations for specific health conditions, injury history, and workout preferences along the way. This is your journey and we are so excited to play a part in your healthy lifestyle transformation at Edge Fitness.

What will you gain by participating in L.E.A.N.?

L – Lifting: 

Focus on lifting weights that are challenging for you, aiming for progressive overload to build strength and lean muscle mass. Learn proper lifting form, techniques, and training methods. Find your personal strength bench marks (a.k.a. Your 1 Rep Max) for all foundational weight lifting movements in a controlled and safe environment. This information helps aid you in knowing exactly what weight you should be lifting to build and maintain a strong body as you age. 

E – Effective Nutrition: 

Get professional coaching and support that helps you build healthier eating habits. Learn how to follow a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients to support strength, lean muscle growth, recovery, and fat loss. Gain understanding on how to fuel your body with enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to more efficiently reach your goals and maintain a healthy weight. 

A – Active Recovery: 

Gain increased knowledge and understanding about the importance of N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), exercise rest days, and lighter active recovery exercise to allow your muscles to repair, prevent overtraining and injury. Learn the  most effective active recovery exercises including myofascial release (foam & lacrosse ball rolling) exercises and stretches to keep your body mobile, flexible, and injury-free.

N – Nurturing Consistency: 

Consistent habit development and daily execution is the key for achieving any health or fitness goal. You are accountable for showing up and keeping your promise to yourself and your program trainer. Gain new skills and tools with coaching that will be provided in the areas of mindset wellness, healthy habit building, realistic goal setting, and meal prep/planning. Also, learn how to navigate through vacations or social occasions without losing the progress you have worked so hard to make. You will experience an effective, time efficient, science and evidence-based training program built around healthy habits and consistency. 

What does my health investment look like to participate in L.E.A.N.?

What L.E.A.N. training session packages are available for purchase and what other requirements or policies are involved?

The training package options available for purchase are session pack minimums of either:

8 sessions or 12 sessions.

In order to encourage consistency, accountability, to make sure you are participating enough to benefit from the program, you must use a minimum of 6 sessions per month (30 days). 

Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis for family/life emergencies, planned/unplanned work or travel times out of town, and illness that doesn’t allow you to fulfill the program commitment. 

For any scheduled L.E.A.N. training sessions, there is a two-person minimum requirement. If there are not enough participants to meet this requirement for any given date, the session will be cancelled and rescheduled to another date/time that everyone can do, if possible. If not, the unused session will be added back into your package and/or credited to your account for future use on other programs or services. You will also have the additional option to get your cancelled session in with our 6am WOW strength training group if it works for your schedule.

Please note: There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for L.E.A.N. program training sessions.

If cancellations are not made within the cancellation period time frame, your session will be forfeited. Exceptions to this policy will only be made on a case-by-case basis for family/life emergencies, planned work or travel times out of town, and sudden unexpected illness.

What training days/times are available for me to participate in L.E.A.N. and how do I sign-up?

The L.E.A.N. training sessions are 50-55 minutes long depending on the workout for the day and occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.

The goal and requirement for each participant is to participate in no less than 2 training sessions per week

(a minimum of 8 sessions per month) in order for the program to be beneficial and provide results.

This is a semi-private training program. No more than 4-6 participant spaces will be available for each date/time provided depending on fitness experience/skill levels of all participants registering.

If you are ready to commit and be part of our L.E.A.N training community, please email Amanda directly at:  [email protected] to register and reserve your training sessions dates.

If you have additional questions, contact Amanda via text or phone call to: (360) 790-6767.

Payment for all training dates you want to register and reserve for must be provided in full.

All payments must be sent to Amanda Salazar (Owner of Edge Fitness) in order to hold your spot via Venmo, ApplePay, or CashApp. (Amanda will respond to your participation request email with all payment app links for you to gain access and provide payment for your L.E.A.N. sessions/program of choice.)

Your amount due is based on how which package of sessions you will be purchasing.

Here is a helpful example of how to figure your program payment total:

Let’s say you are able to participate in at least 8 session dates over the next month and you are opting for participation package “OPTION 2: The Extra Accountability Package for $30/session.”

You would purchase the 8-session package and take 8 sessions x $30/session for a Total Due of $240.

If for some reason you are unable to use all sessions within the month, your account will be credited for the cost of those sessions. You can use your credit towards future L.E.A.N. sessions, the W.O.W. program, private training sessions, a customized nutrition program, or any future Edge Fitness health/wellness seminars. If you need any assistance, just let Amanda know.


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