Losing Motivation? Say no to the scale!

Here’s how you can stay strong and motivated without stepping on a scale regularly: Remember that your journey to a healthier life is a marathon, not a sprint. Changes from day to day are practically meaningless and incredibly difficult to quantify, so go with changes over a longer period of time.   Weigh yourself once a […]

8-Week Fearless Fat-Loss & Fitness Challenge 2016

SPACE IS LIMITED – DEADLINE TO REGISTER is January 13 or until spaces are filled. REGISTER NOW: Need motivation and accountability? Want to be part of a supportive community? Want to learn how to eat and how to do it healthfully so you can stop yo-yo dieting? Want a workout that never gets boring? This is a […]

Our Kids’ Club – Information & Details

              Edge Fitness Kids’ Club is a supervised children’s care room provided for the members of Edge Fitness. This means worry-free workouts for parents!   Edge Fitness Kids’ Club Hours of Operation: (Subject to change based on class changes) Monday                     […]

Get Wired – The 10 MINUTES OR LESS Office Workout that WORKS!

Are you new to exercise or haven’t worked out in a really long time? Start by doing just one set 3-5 days per week. Then, when you are ready and depending on how much time you have on your office break, go for more sets as suggested at the bottom of the photo! Go ahead….print it […]

10 of the Best Foods to Battle Stress

  People have a tendency to eat unhealthy foods when they are stressed, leading to poor health. Here are 10 foods you can chow down on when feeling stressed to avoid loading up on heavy calories and reduce anxiety. Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Honey A hot, hearty bowl of oats delivers that yummy carb filled […]

6 Dangers of of artificial sweeteners

  1. They over stimulate our taste buds. In some cases, artificial sweeteners can be up to 600-3,000 times sweeter than natural sugar. Scientists suggest that after a consistent intake of artificial sweeteners, our taste buds become less receptive to the sweetness of normal sugar. Because of the intense stimulation of artificial sweeteners, our taste […]

Alcohol & Health

  While some research suggests that drinking alcohol in moderation may have a number of health benefits, experts stress that drinking too much can harm your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths each year in the United States from 2006 to 2010. The […]

15 Favorite Fat-Burning Foods

  No matter which diet plan you follow, these foods can help you slim down while fueling you for exercise or recovery. Almonds Eggs Lean Meats (Turkey, Chicken, Beef) Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna) Grapefruit Chili Peppers Non-starchy Vegetables Berries Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Apples Coconut Oil Avacado Flax Seeds Olive Oil

Sweat When Your Sick?

Sweat When Your Sick?  You’re signed up for Boot Camp class, but you also feel a cold coming on. Is it okay to soldier on? Use your symptoms as a guide to help you decide whether to slip into your workout gear or stay cozied up at home in bed. Click on the chart below […]

Attack the Diet Saboteurs

“The Organic Halo” The “organic” label greatly influences people’s perceptions of food. A recent study was conducted among participants at a shopping mall who were asked to evaluate sets of yogurts, cookies, and potato chips for nutrition and taste. Shoppers were told the items were either organic or nonorganic, even though all items tested were […]

Need a Holiday Binge Buster?

  Follow my 3-BITE RULE to limit over-eating this holiday season! Okay, say you grab a cookie, you know you don’t need it, but you’ve made the decision that you don’t care and you are going to sink your teeth into it. Great. Then, you get just three bites….. Use the first bite as a taste […]

4 Tips to Survive the Holidays in Good Health

  4 Tips to Survive the Holidays in Good Health: Workout at least 4 days each week for 30-45 minutes. Never miss a MONDAY! Working out on Monday will set you up for a good start to your week and motivate you to stay strong for the rest of the week. Try to drink a […]

The One Myth That Rules All: A Person’s Weight Should Be “Ideal”

  In every other area of life, people are comfortable with their personal bests as wonderful goals. Why is it that with weight people strive to be “ideal,” often at the expense of a livable life? “Ideal” is quite the lofty goal. The dictionary definition is “absolute perfection,” and it ignores the simple truth that […]

Train Your Brain To Prefer Healthy Foods

  This might be a tough one to swallow, but it turns out that training your brain to crave vegetables instead of junk food can actually be done! We may be able to condition ourselves to want low-calorie healthy foods instead of unhealthy, higher-calorie foods. We don’t start out in life loving french fries and […]

Nutrition Tip: Start Your Day with BREAKFAST!

  Breakfast should be a balanced combination of lean protein, healthy fat, and complex slow-burning carbohydrate. Oatmeal or oat bran are great options, but you can also choose 100% wheat bran (not to be confused with wheat germ), quinoa, bulgur, barley, fibrous fruits, non-starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes, 100% stone-ground whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel bread. […]


48 HOURS ONLY – MONDAY 12/1 & TUESDAY 12/2 ********** GET $100 to spend for ONLY $80! ********** THANKS FOR BEING A VALUED EDGE FITNESS MEMBER! Purchase a Edge Fitness Gift Certificate in the amount of $80 and you get $100 to spend. Use the certificate for yourself or give the gift of health to a […]

Time Efficient Calorie Burner: The Jump Rope

  Time Efficient Calorie Burner: Rediscover the Jump Rope When was the last time you jumped rope? It’s cheap and portable – and burns more calories than you might think. Give it a whirl! What piece of exercise equipment sells for under $15, fits into a briefcase, can be used by the whole family, and improves […]

Nut Butters You Haven’t Tried – The New Healthy Food Craze!

Are you allergic to peanuts or have you kicked your peanut butter addiction and jumped onto the new health food craze band-wagon and moved on to a better alternative like nut-butter? It’s time that you understand the increased healthy benefits to nut butters versus peanut butter. Nut butter is a blend of one or multiple […]


Plenty of foods can help boost cognition in the long term, but blueberries may keep your brain working well right now! Researchers from the University of Reading found people performed better on memory and concentration tests five hours after drinking a smoothie made with about one and a half cups of blueberries than they did […]

How to Break Out of a Fitness Slump

  The first rule of thumb in breaking out of a fitness slump is to get off your chair and move — immediately. High-step in place for about 30 seconds or swing your arms until you feel breathless and energized. Working your way out of a mind-set intellectually isn’t always effective. Wallowing is a self-perpetuating […]


  Portion sizes have grown in restaurants, in supermarkets, and at home. It’s harder to avoid overeating. The continual increase in portion sizes is one of many factors that also continues to make obesity a growing epidemic and disease year after year! Check out how serving sizes have changed over the last 20 years….. BAGELS […]

Have a Drink and Minimize Weight Gain

  Have  a Drink and Minimize Weight Gain Drinking is so commonplace in our society that it is the one of the most common struggles dieters face. They can cut out junk food and sodas, but when it comes to saying, “NO” to the party juice, it becomes a bit more difficult. If you think […]

Recovery: The Forgotten Training Component

                Recovery: The Forgotten Training Component There is no shortage of products, video-based workout programs or gimmicks “guaranteed” to help you get results from exercise. Did you know that there is something that you’re probably already doing that can have a positive effect on your exercise program, but […]