Range of Motion and Joint Mobility

  Range of Motion and Joint Mobility Mobility, or joint mobility, is the ability to move a limb through the full range of motion–with control. Mobility is based on voluntary movement while flexibility involves static holds and is often dependent upon gravity or passive forces. Mobility demands strength to produce full-range movement, whereas flexibility is […]

Why Runner Should Strength Train

Why Runners Should Strength Train For most runners, time spent on the road is very rarely in pursuit of big guns or a killer 6 pack! If you like to run and have been struggling to increase your mile pace or need a boost in short sprint speed for the final kick, strength training is […]

How To Select A Personal Trainer

            A personal trainer should meet certain qualifications. The title of “personal trainer” does not tell you if the person has the necessary background; unfortunately selecting a trainer is truly a “buyer beware” situation because there are no mandated standards on what qualifications are needed to be a personal trainer. […]

Are You Vitamin D-3 Deficient?

If you’re always slathered up with sunblock, live in the geographic north….or are a vampire, then you need to rely on your food supply and supplements for Vitamin-D. This is important because many studies report that most people, especially athletes, are vitamin D deficient. Beyond common health consequences, even a slight vitamin D deficiency limits […]

Four Nutrition Myths That Are Bad For Your Health

We all want to eat well and choose the healthiest eating plans, but separating nutrition fact from fiction can be tricky. Here are some persistent nutrition myths I often hear from friends, family and even the media, along with the facts to clear the air. 1. Raw Foods are Always Healthier than Cooked Foods While […]

Reaching a Weight Loss Plateau

  So, you think you’ve hit a “plateau”? I’ll come back to that word, but first of all, do not get discouraged. Having a stretch where your weight loss slows to nothing is a natural phenomenon. You’re consuming fewer calories than you used to, so your metabolism has slowed down to conserve them. Keep in […]

Separating Trends from Fads – Food Matters

  Separating Trends from Fads – Food Matters. While “flavor of the month” fads ignite our imaginations before they flame out, genuine trends reflect changes in our eating patterns that can influence just about every facet of a healthy and fitness program. So lets discuss some of the biggest issues for American food, nutrition, and […]

Can Life Coaching Improve Your Health?

  Can Life Coaching Improve Your Health? Do you ever say, “I know what I should be doing, but can’t seem to follow through? Do you know the right things to say to yourself to motivate yourself to follow through? These are common questions that are being assessed and more trainers and coaches are integrating […]

Coconut 101

  Coconut 101 The first thing you need to know about coconuts is that they’re not in fact nuts. Fresh coconut meat contains some protein, carbohydrates and fiber but is predominantly made up of fat, and it’s that fat that’s responsible for giving coconuts their bad reputation. One of the major controversies that erupts when […]

Sore for Days??

SORE FOR DAYS?? Have you ever had a workout so good that it left you feeling sore for days afterwards??? Well the good news it that you probably worked your muscles really well but the bad news is that you probably didn’t eat the best post workout meal. This is a very important step in […]

DESKERCISE! Tips and Tricks to Exercise at Work

  DESKERCISE! Tips and Tricks to Exercise at Work Remember the days when “work” meant manual labor with a side of sweat, blood, and tears? Neither do we. These days, it seems we’re more likely to log hour after idle hour with our bums glued to our seats. And while you may be an Excel […]

Beat the Afternoon Slump

Beat the Afternoon Slump We have all been there: a super-productive morning finishing projects, working towards inbox zero, and fighting the urge to tweet at co-workers. Then the clock strikes two and we might as well pull down the shades, throw on pajamas, and hop into bed. It’s completely normal to feel super-tired once the […]

Caffeine Fix Facts

Caffeine Fix Facts Caffeine is one of the top most commonly consumed ingredients in the world. Whether it be from coffee, tea, soda, cocoa or other sources, it’s clear that Americans have an ongoing love affair with caffeine. On average, Americans consume 300 mgs (about 3 cups of coffee) per person per day. There are […]

The Benefits of Group High Intensity Interval Training

              The Benefits of Group High Intensity Interval Training A barrage of recent studies has shown the potential for high-intensity interval training to motivate fat loss, increase muscular and cardiovascular strength and improve other health markers among participants. But how well does this format play out in a group […]

The Exercise-Menopause Connection

  The Exercise-Menopause Connection Are you in menopause? Pre menopause? Then you’re probably familiar with the challenges that many menopausal women experience: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, and depression. These symptoms, alone or combined, can compromise a woman’s quality of life. Even worse, menopausal symptoms can crate a domino effect. For example, night sweats […]

Sleep: The Crucial Element for Optimal Performance

  Sleep: The Crucial Element for Optimal Performance Sleep is a really bizarre activity. For several hours, while the sun is gone, your going to become unconscious, temporarily lose command of everything you know and understand. Then when the sun returns, you will resume life as normal. During sleep you experience several stages and cycles […]

Need to Know Facts About Salt

Need to Know Facts About Salt Even if you don’t shake salt on your food, chances are, you’re still eating far too much of it. Most of the sodium Americans consume comes from processes and restaurant foods, like sliced bread. Meaning that the average American currently consumes about 3,500 milligrams of sodium a day. In […]

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

  Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy Although you may not feel like funning a marathon while your pregnant, most women benefit greatly from exercising throughout their pregnancies. It’s best to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor early on to determine what you can do. The level of exercise recommended will depend, in part, on […]

Mixing It Up At Meal Time

  Mixing It Up At Meal Time We know that when all of us get into routine and get settled into our comfort zone that we tend to get bored with our food and therefore lose site of our goals and motivation. Here are a few tips and tricks to branch out of your comfort […]

Peanuts Can Curb Your Appetite

  Peanuts Can Curb Your Appetite Eating either peanuts or peanut butter as a part of your breakfast can control blood sugar throughout most of the day. Peanuts and peanut butter can cause a significant reduction in the desire to eat and cause a significant increase in the secretion of the hormone peptide YY, which […]

Skip The Food Fights: 10 Ways To Get Kids to Eat Healthier

  Skip The Food Fights: 10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier Every single day, families deal with picky eaters both big and small. Mothers constantly struggle with the feeling of guilt about their children’s diets because they know how important it is to feed their kids healthy foods, but they’re just not sure […]

Guilt Ridden Eating Leads to Weight Gain

  Forget “guilty” pleasures. The next time you  “celebrate” by eating your favorite chips, dips, or sweets, give yourself permission to fully enjoy the indulgence. Worrying over calories or feeling guilty can put you at risk for weight gain.  A recent study took a group and told them to describe their thoughts about eating chocolate […]

Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility Training

  Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. Strength Training Weightlifting is popular for adults ranging from 35-54 years old but drops off significantly beyond age 55. Strength training can improve strength and power for adults of all ages, given the benefits of this type of exercise include preserving muscle mass and metabolic function. Research has proven that […]

Why Women Should Lift Weights

              Why Women Should Lift Weights There are more myths and misconceptions about strength training than any other area of fitness. While research continues to uncover more and more reasons why working out with weights is good for you, many women continue to avoid resistance training for fear of […]