Rosemary-Fig Chicken Marinade

            Rosemary-Fig Chicken Marinade *Note: serving size ranges depends on how much chicken being used.  Ingredients: ½ – ¾ C. Fig Balsamic (from Olympia Olive Oil store) ½ C. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (from Olympia Olive Oil store) ¼ C. fresh diced/chopped Rosemary 1-2 tsp. granulated onion powder 1-2 tsp. […]

Coconut-Lime Cilantro Marinade

            Coconut-Lime Cilantro Marinade  *Note: serving ranges depends on how much chicken½  – ¾ C. Coconut Balsamic (from Olympia Olive Oil store) Ingredients: ½ C. Persian Lime Olive Oil (from Olympia Olive Oil store) ½ – ¾ C. diced/chopped cilantro 1-2 tsp. granulated onion power 1-2 tsp. granulate garlic powder […]

Zucchini Wide-Noodle Pasta

                Zucchini Wide-Noodle Pasta (or use veggie side dish)  Ingredients: 4-6 Medium summer zucchini squash (yellow and green) 1 Tbsp. Tuscan herb olive oil (from Olympia Olive Oil store) 1 Tbsp. Garlic olive oil (from Olympia Olive Oil store) 1/3 C. pre-steamed diced onion or substitute and use […]

Tuscan Lemon-Dill Yellow Beans

                  Tuscan Lemon-Dill Yellow Beans Ingredients: 1 Bag Trader Joe’s Haricots Jaune (yellow beans) 2 Tbsp. Tuscan Herb olive oil (from Olympia Olive Oil store) 2-3 Tbsp. Fresh squeezed lemon juice 3-4 Tbsp. diced onions/shallots ½-1 Tbsp. diced garlic ½-1 Tbsp. dill Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan […]

Asian Style Quinoa Mix- Side Dish

            Asian Style Quinoa Mix – Side Dish Ingredients: 1C. Red or Brown or Tri Color Quinoa 1 ¾ C. Water ¼ C. Braggs soy flavored branch chain amino acids ½ C. Peas ½ C. Shredded Carrots ½ C. Raw Slivered Almonds Directions: 1. In a medium-sixe pot, mix water, […]

Strawberry Basil Salad Dressing

                  Strawberry Basil Salad Dressing Ingredients: 1 cup fresh strawberries 1/3 cup packed fresh basil 3 TBSP. lemon or lime juice 1 TBSP. extra virgin olive oil 1-2 tsp organic blue agave nectar ( you can use maple syrup or honey as well) ¼ tsp. sea salt, […]

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

                  Honey Mustard Salad Dressing Ingredients: 1/2 C. spring water 1/4 C. olive oil 1 tsp. mustard powder 1 pinch white pepper 1/8 tsp. garlic powder 2 Tbsp. raw honey Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a container with a lid and thoroughly shake before using.   […]

Primal Mayonnaise

                  Primal Mayonnaise Ingredients: 1 whole egg 1 T lemon juice 1/4 tsp. dry mustard 1/2-1 C. olive oil Directions: Put egg, lemon juice and mustard in blender and blend for 3-5 seconds. Continue blending and slowly add oil. Blend until the mayonnaise is thick. Scrape mayonnaise […]

Primal Ketchup

                  Primal Ketchup Ingredients: 3 1/2 lbs. tomatoes (washed and sliced) 2 medium onions (sliced) 1/8 clove garlic 1/2 bay leaf 1/2 red pepper 1/4 c unsweetened fruit juice (white grape, pear, or apple) 1 tsp. whole allspice 1 tsp. whole cloves 1 tsp. whole mace 1 […]

Blueberry BBQ Sauce

                Blueberry BBQ Sauce Ingredients: 1 tsp. olive oil 1/4 C. minced onion 1 TBSP. minced jalapeno chile, seeded 1/4 C. primal ketchup (see recipe below) 1 TBSP. raw honey 1/4 tsp. dry mustard Dash cayenne pepper 2 C. blueberries Pepper to taste Directions: 1. Heat the oil […]

Breakfast Paleo Pizza

                Breakfast Paleo Pizza Crust: 8 eggs scrambled 2 tbsp olive oil 3 garlic cloves minced 1 tbsp dried basil Pinch of sea salt Black pepper to taste   Toppings: 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara sauce (or gluten free marinara sauce of your choice) 1 lb ground […]

Sweet N’ Sour Turkey Meatloaf

                  Sweet n’ Sour Turkey Meatloaf (serves 2-3) Ingredients: 12 oz ground turkey 1/4 large, white onion, finely chopped 1 tsp parsley 1 large egg 1 tbsp ground flax seeds 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsps maple syrup 1 tbsp tomato paste 1/2 tsp yellow mustard 1 […]

Paleo Pasta with Shrimp, Sausage & Peppers

              Paleo Pasta with Shrimp, Sausage, & Peppers Ingredients: 1 medium spaghetti squash 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 lb organic chicken sausage 2 TBS coconut oil 2 tsp Himalayan Pink Sea Salt 1 tsp garlic powder 1 ½ tsp crushed red pepper 1 ½ tsp onion powder 1 ½ […]

Homemade Roasted Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce

              Homemade Roasted Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce Ingredients: -8-10 large tomatoes -2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil -5 large basil leaves -6 cloves of garlic -salt (to taste) -pepper (to taste) Directions: 1. First, preheat oven to 400F and lightly spray a cake pan with nonstick cooking spray. 2. […]

Cauliflower Ceviche

                    Cauliflower Ceviche Ingredients: One head of Cauliflower, shredded 2 Roma tomatoes chopped Half of a purple onion chopped 1 cucumber chopped 1 jicama shredded 2 carrots shredded Half a bunch of Cilantro chopped Half of a lemon juice A pinch of dried oregano, crushed A […]

Paleo Chicken Pizza

            Paleo Chicken Pizza Ingredients: 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts 3 Tbs extra-virgin olive oil 1 tsp sea salt ½ tsp black pepper ½ tsp oregano ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp crushed red pepper   Toppings: 1 cup pasta sauce 1 red bell pepper; chopped […]

Protein Bites

            Protein Bites Recipe ½ cup Agave Nectar 1/3 cup unsweetened cacao powder ¼ cup unsweetened Almond Milk ¼ cup coconut oil ¼ cup Almond Butter 2 cups Gluten-Free Oats 1/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (dry) ½ tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 1/8 tsp sea salt 1-2 scoops Protein Powder (vanilla, […]

Homemade Peanut Butter

            Homemade Peanut Butter Homemade nut butters have a TON of advantages versus buying them in the store. Homemade nut butters won’t contain the hydrogenated oils, stabilizers, emulsifiers, excess sugars, and salts found in many branded products. Blending your own at home also gives you full control over the peanuts- […]

Spaghetti Squash With Chipolte Marinara Meat Sauce

SPAGHETTI SQUASH WITH CHIPOLTE MARINARA MEAT SAUCE             2 medium sized spaghetti squash 3 tsp. grapeseed oil 1 yellow onion 2 garlic cloves; minced 1 red bell pepper 1 medium-sized eggplant, diced 2 cups chopped mushrooms 1 lb. extra lean organic/grass fed ground beef (options: bison, ground chicken/turkey) 1 can […]

CLEAN EATING REMAKE: Chicken with Thai Peanut Sauce

                    Serves: 4 Hands-On Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup organic almond butter or peanut butter (found at Trader Joe’s) 1/4 cup light coconut milk (found at Trader Joe’s) 1 tbsp rice vinegar 1 tbsp coconut balsamic vinegar (found at the Olympia […]

Barbequed Spicy Honey Chicken

            Ingredients: 3 Tbsp. raw honey 2 Tbsp. lemon juice 1 Tbsp. orange juice 2 scallions, finely chopped 1 tsp. finely chopped tarragon 1 tsp.  finely chopped thyme 1 tsp.  finely chopped sage 1 tsp.  fennel seeds, toasted and crushed Freshly ground black pepper to taste 4 boneless, skinless, chicken […]

Grilled Corn, Avocado, Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

                This recipe is quick and easy to make and is delicious. Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing: pint grape tomatoes cut in halves 1 large ripe avocado, roughly chopped 2 – 3 ears of fresh sweet corn 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped Slice the […]

Dairy-Free Coleslaw

                  Prep time: 10 mins      Chill time: 1 hour   Ingredients: – 2 – 16oz. bags of pre-made coleslaw (or make your own by using 1 large head of cabbage (1/2 regular & ½  purple), 3-4 medium carrots and 1 bell pepper, finely shredded/diced)   DRESSING: – […]

No Hassle Summer Mexican Layer Salad

  Ingredients 2 Ziploc Microwave Steamer bags (Not required, but saves time! You can find these in the food storage area at: Fred Meyer, Top Foods, Walmart, and Safeway) ¼ c. fresh salsa 1 large head of cauliflower, mashed with 6 cloves garlic 4 medium size sweet potato, hashed or diced into small pieces 3 – 4 […]

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

1 cup Organic unsalted peanut butter or almond butter 1 Large egg 1 Egg white 2 tbs. Applesauce 1/4 cup Vanilla protein powder 1 cup organic Old fashioned oats (use gluten free if sensitive) 1/2 cup Baking stevia OR 1 cup sweetener of choice that measures like sugar 1/8 tsp. Sea salt 1 tsp. Baking […]